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Love this article by SEO.COM about how important it is today to think about the experience of your potential clients are having with your website.  I've had a Flash website for years and in the process of of updating it now for just reason.  Flash website are very pretty but have two big strikes against them.  Flash and older HTML websites is not viewable on most mobile devices and the lord GOOGLE does not like them.  Time to upgrade!

If your anything like me you think you have to control everything.  I love creating and maintaining my own website.  Guess I'm too cheap to pay the thousands web developers want to create and continually update.  As of the past few years it's easier and pretty cheap to do one your own.

I current use the WORDPRESS software to build and maintain my site.  Buy cool templates to give me the look of the site and then I provide and update  the images and content.  If you've ever posted on a BLOG your have way there.

A couple of years ago I came across a WordPress Templates site called ELEGANT THEMES which I absolutely love.  They have a great looking templates, super technical support and helpful tutorials all for $49/year.  The big thing I like about the WordPress format is I can change the look of the site without losing all my images and content.  Just add a new templates and some minor tweaks and you have a whole new look.  It just like giving your website a new facelift. Not that I've ever had a face lift and would know all about that.  OK... it like adding new rims, tires, chrome, and paint job to classic car.  I do know about that!

What have you found to be a success in your website effort?

If you need any assistance in your web presence please let me know and I'd love to help.

Make it great!  -Steve

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